What Our Customers Have to Say

customer - testimonials

Here are some of the many testimonials BTC Broadband has received from our Residential and Business Customers:

“We love the Big Gig and my parents were there during the install and they love it too!”
-Adrian C.

“Loving it! Making everyone jealous by running a speed test, getting 800 or 900 Mbps, and then texting it to all my friends!”
– Jason V.

“We have loved having the Gig Internet and have had nothing but a great experience with it.”
-Alex & Mandy Bowles

“I just wanted to say how wonderful Mike was setting up our WiFi. Our WiFi was scheduled to be done at 8am and unfortunately the guy who was supposed to come couldn’t make it so we rescheduled! I was not upset at all because of the level of communication I received from you all! When I pulled in after getting off work Mike had just gotten here to install the WiFi! He was so nice, and explained exactly what we had and what we could and couldn’t do with our speed!! He is seriously amazing!! Great asset to your team!”
-Madeline F.

“Everything is going well.”
-Marilyn Blassington

“Awesome, extremely courteous, professional, respectful and resourceful. Couldn’t be more pleased with the service.”
-Tony Cervi

“I am getting the speed BTC Broadband advertises and I’m very happy.”
-Mengjiao Yu

“Kudos to BTC Broadband. Can’t tell you how impressed I am with your culture of great customer service and responsiveness to customer needs. Tony Gonzalez and his team greatly exceeded my expectations. Tony stayed with things until I was connected with my PC and network printer. I’m up and running and thrilled that you guys are my provider. On the sales front end, Scott was very responsive and just as impressive.”

Thank you so much for your service. It is appreciated!”

-Patrick Moore, Republic Wealth Advisors

“We had been experiencing recurring connectivity difficulties that had begun to compromise our ability to conduct our business smoothly. BTC Broadband was extremely responsive to our needs and offered us a network plan that reduced our costs, increased our bandwidth and upgraded and integrated our hospital voice communication and data systems. It was everything we needed, and more.”

-Rob Poole, Jane Phillips Medical Center

“We were thrilled when we heard BTC Broadband was coming to our area. After switching to BTC the difference was night and day. We now have amazing high speed Internet service, along with outstanding customer service and super fast download speeds (critical to our success). Plus the price is less expensive than the carrier we used to have.
We are beyond pleased and highly recommend BTC Broadband to anyone who needs the best Internet service around.

-Scott Turner, Pastor, City Church, Bartlesville

“We have been satisfied customers of BTC Broadband for many years. We have found their service to be swift, effective, professional and courteous. They get an A+ from OK Mozart, or as we like to say in the music business, they get a bravo from OK Mozart and we’re sure to have them back for encore performances!”

-Dr. Randy Thompson, Executive Director of OK Mozart, Bartlesville

“I just want to say ‘Thank you!’ to you and your team for all your help. You were there before we knew for sure we had a problem and were thoughtful in making recommendations to help us through the power outage.”

-Karla Davis, Director of Finance & IT, Goodwill Industries of Tulsa

“You guys are the best and the service has been nothing less than phenomenal. I recommend BTC to every business person that I know!”

-Deanna Long, Finance/Business Manager, Family Crisis & Counseling, Bartlesville

“We have been very pleased with your service and your helpful attitude toward your customers. Keep up the good work and God bless you.”

-Ken Short, President, International Data Solutions, Inc (IDSI)

“I have BTC Broadband and they are great.”
-Carolyn Newman-Harris

“The longer I have BTC Broadband the more impressed I am!! Thank you for being proactive and providing excellent customer service.”
-Beckah L.

“Never had any problem with BTC.”
-Linda Hill

“I have had BTC Broadband with Internet for several years. They are very responsive when you have issues, even come out at night or weekends, if needed.”
-Megan Munn

“We had Fiber-optic broadband Internet installed in our home just recently. Our technician, Kasey, did an incredible job on the install. It looks great on the side of our house and the speeds are incredible. Luke and Brent came by the very next day to bury the cable in our yard. I cannot even tell where the trench was they they dug out. Thank you to BTC Broadband for a job well done.”
-Mike Bakker

“We had Cox for months with issues nearly every day. Had two service calls and nothing made the problem better. With BTC Broadband I haven’t had one problem.”
-Tori Ford

“Excellent Service.”

“Your technician, Jody, has been the most reliable and knowledgeable technician I have used in 15+ years. He makes difficult situations affecting my business become minimal problems. BTC Broadband and I are lucky to have him.”
-Donald Stephens, President, King Properties, Inc. and Orion Properties, Inc.

“We were having no luck regaining a Wi-Fi hot spot in our house. Through BTC I called Tech Service last night and reached Gage. He figured out the problem in less time than I expected and was very polite, patient and courteous. I wanted to ensure he is recognized for service.”
-Vic M.

” You sent the best. Mike did a fantastic job installing WiFi and providing service! Also, thank you for your promptness and professionalism!”

S. Jason Arant, Director, Oklahoma School of Innovation & Experiential Learning

“THANK YOU so much to you [Laura Konshak] and the team!!! They got out today and got it done. This was incredibly helpful for us so I truly appreciate it!!!!”

Kelli Miller,Primrose Schools of South Tulsa