Other Residential Services

BTC Broadband is more than just a phone company!
We provide our community and beyond with many additional services.
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  • Message Manager (Voicemail Reinvented)

    Message Manager 2.0 (Voicemail Reinvented)

    BTC Message Manager is a powerful communication management service that allows you to check your messages through a phone, website, or email. Whether you’re in the office, at home or on the road, Message Manager allows you to manage your voicemail messages using your laptop, PC or cell phone.
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  • Fax Mail

    Fax Mail

    Fax Mail is perfect for home or business and is especially effective when multiple users have their own individual email addresses and need their own private fax. It’s also handy for people who travel and need to receive faxes on the go.
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  • Lifeline


    The Lifeline program is designed to assist low-income subscribers with telephone service by reducing the basic monthly charge for one telephone line. If you are receiving state or federal assistance, you may be eligible for our Lifeline Program.
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  • Wire Protection Plan

    Wire Protection Plan

    At BTC Broadband every effort is made to carry on the tradition of satisfying our customers’ needs. Sometimes a problem may develop with the wiring in your home.
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