LD Switch without your Permission

Slamming is when your long distance company or local service provider is illegally switched by a competing long distance company or local service provider-without your knowledge or permission.

Although BTC Broadband is not responsible for slamming incidents, we are doing everything possible to help you protect yourself and to help straighten things out if you are a victim of slamming. That’s because we’re committed to being your most trustworthy and reliable provider of telecommunications services and to delivering the best customer performance.

Slamming Prevention Tips

  • Read your BTC Broadband bill carefully. If your long distance provider has been changed, a switching charge will appear on your bill, along with the name of your new long distance company.
  • Ask questions. If someone from another company calls and asks you to switch companies, make sure you understand what they’re offering and get a copy of it in writing. Ask for their name, address and phone number. When you ask a lot of questions, slammers often hang up because they realize you won’t be tricked.
  • Read the fine print. Some companies distribute contest or sweepstake forms that are also authorization forms allowing the company to switch your service. Never fill out entry forms without reading them carefully.
  • Upon request, BTC Broadband can restrict changes to your long distance carrier with your personal approval. To receive this, contact us at 366-8000 and request the “Long-Distance Preferred Carrier Freeze Form or download the form online (PDF).”

If Slamming Happens to You

  1. Contact the disputed long distance provider directly, deny the disputed charges, and request a “Letter of Authority” (LOA) that shows your signature and authorization to change long-distance providers. (If you do not know the disputed long distance provider’s phone number, contact our business office at 366-8000 and we will supply you with their customer service number.)
  2. Contact your desired long distance provider and notify them of the “slamming,” and ask them to reinstate your rate plan.
  3. If you receive a past due notice from BTC Broadband, contact our business office at 366-8000 and explain your situation.